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Chemical Dosing Equipment

Dosing Enclosures

Sturdy construction made from 12mm uPVC or PP board designed to suit the customer and application with segregated pump bays and lift-off front panels.

Options include:

  • Extraction using chemically resistant centrifugal fans.
  • Extraction control panel.
  • Enlosure lighting.
  • Background heating.

Analyser Arrays

Single or multi-unit analyser boards made from 12mm uPVC board.

  • Segregated drain tray to separate buffered and non-buffered waste.
  • Option of waste de-chlorination unit.
  • In-line pressure reduction and flow control.
  • Local sampling facilities.

Dilution Systems

Chemidose Limited offer two versions of dilution system:

  • Pumped control using two dosing pumps.
  • Simple eductor control.

Chemical Handling

We have many years experience installing chemical handling facilities including:

  • Bulk tanks.
  • Day tanks.
  • Staging.
  • Fill panels and associated equipment.
  • Conductivity and ultrasonic gauges.
  • Pressure transducers.


We have many years experience in building a wide range of controllers including:

  • Single loop and multi loop chlorination controllers.
  • Dilution controllers.
  • Extraction controllers.
  • Fill panels.
  • Alarm panels.

Safety Equipment

To ensure safe installations and ongoing operation, we can supply the following:

  • Beacon and alarm stacks.
  • Linked forced ventilation.
  • Emergency shutdown systems.
  • Facility for external telemetry connections.

Temporary Dosing Facility

Designed for simpleĀ  and quick installation, Chemidose can offer temporary chemical and gas facilities.

  • Quick to set up and commission.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Provides stable system while process upgrades and modifications are carried out. Please also refer to the gas dosing products.

Portable Chlorination / DeChlorination Unit

Designed for temporary dosing, utilising de-chlorination / chlorination tablets up to a flow rate of 3,600 l/hr.

  • Portable unit.
  • No power required.
  • Quick and easy connections.
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