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Our Projects
Site Company Description of work
Beenhams Heath WTW South East Water

Sodium Bisulphite system upgradeNew dosing pumps

•New PRVs and return lines

•New suction lines

•New dual-contained dosing lines

Temple End, North Stortford & Wicker Hall Affinity Water

New Sodium Hypochlorite bulk tanks

•4 x bulk tanks

•Modifying delivery lines

•New suction lines

Westergate WTW Trant Engineering

New Chlorine Gas dosing system

•9 x Technocover cylinder clamps

•2 x 3-valve headers

•Vacuum changeover system

•2 x vacuum regulators

•2 x chlorinators

•Motive water pump skid

•Gas detection system

•6 cylinder electrical shutdown system

•Room extraction system

•Vent lines and carbon columns

Henley Knapp Booster station Thames Water

Sodium Hypochlorite dosing system

•Bulk tank

•Dilution panel

•Day tank

•Duty / standby dosing enclosure

•Triple validated chlorine analyser

•Dosing, delivery and sample lines

Crowhurst Bridge WTW BAM Nomenca

Gas dosing system upgrade

•Replace 4 x chlorinators

•Replace 2 x Sulphonators

•4 x gas headers

•6 x ejectors

•4 x vacuum regulators

•Dosing lines

•Disinfection controller modifications

Lavant WTW Portsmouth Water

Gas dosing security improvements

•2 x Sulphur Dioxide gas headers

•Technocover cylinder clamps

•8 cylinder electrical shutdown system

Derg WTW  Enisca

Sulphuric acid system

•Bulk tank

•Installed Fill lines

•Dosing enclosure fitted with welded stainless steel pipework and valves

•Dual contained dosing lines

•Point of Application enclosure

Groombridge WTW South East Water

Caustic dosing upgrade

•New dosing pumps

•Replace and simplify valve arrangement

•Trace heating and lagging of delivery lines

Waterhall WTW Imtech Water, Waste and Energy

Dosing kiosk refurbishments

•Sodium Bisulphite duty / standby dosing enclosure

•Sodium Bisulphite bulk storage and bund

•Ventilation controller

•New vent and dosing lines

Various Southern Water sites Jacobs LES

Cylinder clamp installations

•Installation of approximately 400 cylinder clamps at 70 sites


Garreglwyd WTW Black & Veatch Ltd.

Chlorine gas system

•2 x vacuum regulators and chlorinators

•Gas changeover system

•2 x Motive water pumps

•Gas detection system

•Ventilation controller

•6 x secure cylinder clamps

•4 cylinder Emergency shutdown system


Crowhurst Bridge Interserve Construction Ltd.

Gas dosing package

•New vacuum regulator and chlorinator

•Motive water pump

•Gas header

•Emergency shutdown system


Crowhurst Bridge Interserve Construction Ltd.

Chemical dosing refurbishment (Ferric Sulphate & Sodium Hydroxide)

•2 x new dosing enclosures

•2 x ventilation control systems

•2 x fill panels

•Bulk tank fill lines, vent lines and gauges


Nelson WTW Portsmouth Water

Secondary Chlorination improvements

•Replace old controller with a Chemitroller disinfection & dilution controller

•New dilution system

•New chlorine analyser

•New outstation


Batchworth & West Hyde WTW Interserve Construction Ltd.

Sodium Hypochlorite dosing upgrade

•4 x Sodium Hypochlorite bulk tanks

•2 x ventilation control systems

•4 x fill panels

•2 x dosing enclosures

•2 x POA enclosures


Bray Keleher WTW BAM Nuttall Ltd.

Chemical dosing refurbishment

•Pre-treatment Polyelectrolyte dosing system

•PACL dosing system

•Sulphuric acid dosing system

•Polyelectrolyte batching plant with dosing system


Ennerdale & Cornhow WTWJacobs LES Ltd.


Flouride dosing systems


•2 x new bulk tanks with fill lines

•2 x transfer skids to day tanks

•2 x dosing systems

•2 x POA cabinets

•4 x Flouride analysers


Forstal WTW South East Water

Installation of break-point chlorination system

•3 bulk tanks

•2 duty/standby dosing enclosures

•4 sample pumps

•5 analysers

•Disinfection controller


Sidcup Coca Cola Enterprises

Replaced exising gas dosing system with liquid dosing system & pH control

•Bulk tank

•2 duty/standby dosing enclosures

•Dilution system

•2 analysers

•Disinfection and dilution controller


Al Manar
& Tabuk
Soroof Aqua Solutions

Design, supply and commissioning of gas dosing systems for 6 sites

•17 sample pumps & 10 booster pumps

•6 disinfection controllers

•6 gas changeover systems

•6 gas dosing systems with evaporators, regulators, analysers, gas headers, drum scales, gas detection


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