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Gas Dosing Equipment

Automatic Chlorinator AKN M 3610 C

Full Vacuum Automatic Chlorinator comprising:

  • Motor driven V-notch rate valve with 20:1 turndown
  • 4-20mA input signal
  • 4-20mA valve position output signal
  • LED valve position indicator
  • Gas flow meter 174mm tube with 4% accuracy
  • Differential pressure regulator acc. DIN 19606
  • Low and high vacuum switches
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Inlet vacuum check valve
  • Vacuum connections for PE vacuum tubing d8/d10
  • Power supply 230VAC 50/60Hz

Reinforced ejector M 307 C

Designed to feed gases in high pressure environments.

  • High pressure rating up to 20 bar
  • Diaphragm-less with ‘O’ ring seal
  • Steel counter flanges for high pressure applications
  • 1-1/4″ NPT inlet and outlet internal treaded connections

Vacuum Regulators M 20 - M 50

Designed to feed Chlorine, Suphur Dioxide and Ammonia gases.

  • Unit works on the safe proven all vacuum principle.
  • Dosing range from 200 g/h up to 200 Kg/h.
  • Manufactured using high quality chemically resistant materials such as Tantalum, Silver, ECTFE foil, FPM/FKM, PTFE and EPDM.

Manual Chlorinators MR 20 - MR 50

Designed to feed Chlorine, Suphur Dioxide and Ammonia gases.

  • Unit works on the safe proven all vacuum principle.
  • Dosing range from 200 g/h up to 200 Kg/h.
  • System comprises: Vacuum regulators (2), automatic vacuum switchover module, flow meter with manual flow rate adjustment valve, and ejector.
  • Option:  Motorised valve for automatic dosing (See Model M3600C).

Cabinet Mounted Gas Feeders

  • Designed to feed Chlorine, Suphur Dioxide and Ammonia gases.
  • Modular design in a free-standing fibreglass floor cabinet.
  • Capacity:  200 g/h to 200 Kg/h.
  • Can be intergrated into any type of system.


Designed to generate the vacuum required for gas feed systems.

  • Capacity:  200 to 200 Kg/h.
  • Consists of: Motive water nozzle and throat and gas under vacuum, non- return check valve.
  • Options: Basic unit, back pressures < 6 Bar and high pressure ejectors for back pressures > 6 Bar.

Flow Meters

Designed for accurate regulation of the desired gas flow.

  •  Capacity:  200 g/h to 200 kg/h.
  • Consists of: Base plate, flow tube holders, manually adjustable rate valve and glass variable area flow meter with 20:1 turn down and 4% accuarcy.
  • Rate valve made of high quality materials.
  • Accurate fabrication ensures high precision gas feed.

Automatic Vacuum Switchovers Modules

Automatic switchover from the empty to a full Chlorine source for uninterrupted operation.

  • Capacity:  200 g/h to 200 Kg/h.
  • All vacuum principle of operation
  • Option: Electrical contact that gives a  signal  indicating that the unit has changed over.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials.

Automatic Gas Feeder M 3600 C

Heavy duty performance gas feed unit for accurate, manual or automatic feed of gases into water.

  • Capacity:  200 g/h to 200 Kg/h.
  • Manual or automatic control valve.
  • Vacuum gauge.
  • High/Low vacuum switch.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials.
  • Simple installation, set up and start up.

Evaporator M 3100 C 5

Designed to heat liquid Chlorine or Sulphur Dioxide from 1 tonne drums and convert to high capacity gas.

  • Capacity:  40 Kg/h to 200 kg/h.
  • Comprises: Regulation, control and safety devices, separate electrical control panel and fibreglass enclosure.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost.
  • High heating efficiency.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials.

Free Chlorine analyser M 1035 C

Designed for measurement and control of Free residual Chlorine in drinking water, waste water treatment and swimming-pool applications.

  • Online free Chlorine measurement.
  • Proportional and Integral output regulation included.
  • Galvanically separated current outputs.
  • IP 65 enclosure.
  • Two measuring electrodes: Gold/ Copper.
  • Microprocessor controlled unit with graphic display.

Temporary Gas Dosing Container

Designed to allow continuation of service while site upgrades and repairs are undertaken.

Equipment housed in a secure, insulated shipping container.

  • External enclosures for all connections – water, chlorinated water, power and signals.
  • Gas detection system with external alarms.
  • Duty / standby cylinders with secure clamps.
  • Intelligent heating and ventilation system.
  • Proportional gas dosing from 4-20mA input signal.
  • Self-contained gas feed system comprising of: 
    • Motive water pump circuit with injector
    • Automatic chlorinator
    • Disinfection controller
    • Vacuum regulators
    • Automatic changeover system
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